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Grateful CAD
Architectural Drafting & Design

Grateful CAD is an AutoCAD consulting firm. I provide drafting services for architects, engineers and home owners.

My architectural drafting services include production of design and construction documents according to my clients' design for residential and commercial construction. I create, based on sketches or discussion, floorplans, roof plans, exterior elevations, interior elevations, sections, mechanical & electrical plans, and details.

Based on structural engineers' input, I draw framing plans, and foundation plans, and structural details.

I also provide drafting for landscape architects, consisting of layout plans, planting plans, irrigation and lighting plans, and details.

Services for home owners include site surveys of residences to produce as-built drawings for clients who are interested in building additions to their homes and who need to provide as-builts to their architect.  Depending on the scope of your residential project, I can also create construction and permit documents. 

I work as an independent contractor, either from my home office, or on location at your office, whichever is most convenient for you to meet your deadlines.



  • drafting and production of construction documents, including floorplans, roof plans, ceiling plans, elevations, sections, details
  • converting raw redline drawings and hand sketches to AutoCAD drawings
  • projecting elevations from floorplans
  • cutting sections through floorplans
  • creating isometric and perspective views
  • 3D modeling for residences & details
  • organization of CAD files
  • drawing list management
  • background updates & coordination of drawing files with other consultants
  • revisions of existing drawings
  • plotting or coordination with reprographic services
  • drawing distribution



For each project, I personally meet with my clients to assess their needs. During this inital meeting, we develop an efficient work schedule including time needed for drafting, redlining, and printing. My work is always backchecked. All questions are communicated and resolved before work is returned to you.


Drawings created by Grateful CAD are consistent with clients' existing work including standard layer names, xref structure, symbols, text and dimension styles; if there is no existing work, I will provide text styles, dimension styles, layers and lineweights.



Fees for drafting are negotiable. They vary by project size, scope, discipline and the amount of experience I have. Grateful CAD can provide you with a detailed hourly break-down of work performed, or I can bill you for a lump sum.



I have worked in the A/E industry for more than 17 years in varied positions. Grateful CAD has been in business since 2005. Currently, I have completed my Associates Degree in Architecture.  I'm considering grad school options.



Grateful CAD has a state-of-the-art workstation and uses the latest version of AutoCAD. If your project demands it, we can import drawing files from many other CAD programs.

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